2015 is an important year for TORPOL as it marks 25 years of its operation. A jubilee is a unique opportunity to remember, sum up but also to create new beginnings.

An official dinner was held in the ZORZA Restaurant in Prostki on 31 January 2015 to celebrate the jubilee. The company’s employees took part in the celebrations of the successes. The evening spent together became a perfect opportunity to thank all the team members for their contribution to the creation and development of the company. It is their knowledge, skills and, most of all, dedication that helped the company achieve all this over the course of 25 years. Proud of what we have accomplished together, we took a trip down the memory lane to the beginnings of the company activity, remembering its most important events.

The participants of the dinner created a great atmosphere with their festive mood and excellent humour, which resulted in an all-night long celebration.

You can find a photographic account of this joyous event on our company fanpage.

We would like to thank all the guests once again for their presence and anticipation in this important event.

TORPOL Management Team